The Show Scene

Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania all have quite small popultions and do not have current breed clubs. There are however quite a few Afghans exhibitors in these States.

South Australia, which still has a small number of active exhibitors, was once the home of one of the original breed clubs. During the late 1960's, 1970's and early 1980's the breed club and the breed in Adelaide was extremely strong. Many well known Afghan breeders originated there, with extremely competitive showing in this period. Adelaide was and still is the home of Fermoy kennels, formerly renowned for their great Afghan Hounds, but no longer active in the breed. Many other current well know Afghan breeders originated in Adelaide but now reside elsewhere - Dzum (Melbourne), Aviva and Taejon (Sydney) to name a few.

In fact the Afghan Hound Club of South Australia was the first breed club in the country to have an overseas breed specialist to judge their show. This was Kay Finch of the famous Crown Crest Kennels (USA) who judged at the 1971 Specialty Show. Many other prominent US breed specialists followed at later shows in the 1970's and early 1980's - Lois Boardman (Akaba), Ned Kauffman (Holly Hill), Peter Belmont (Elmo) and Richard Souza (Coastwind).

The Australian Capital Territory is home to Australia's national capital, Canberra. While its population is relatively small it has a dedicated band of Afghan exhibitors and its close proximity to Sydney (3 hours by road) and Melbourne (6 hours by road) makes it a short trip for travelling Afghan exhibitors.

The Afghan Hound Club of the ACT was formed in the late 1990's and became inactive in the late 2000's. It held regular Specialty Shows and they were always well attended.

Western Australia has a handful of active Afghan breeders and exhibotors, with only a few in the Northern Territory and Tasmania.